What is the LNMP one-click installation package?

The LNMP one-click installation package is a Linux shell program that can install LNMP (Nginx/MySQL/PHP), LNMPA (Nginx/MySQL/PHP/Apache), and LAMP (Apache/MySQL/PHP) production environments for CentOS/RHEL/Fedora/Debian/Ubuntu/Raspbian/Deepin/Alibaba/Amazon/Mint/Oracle/Rocky/Alma/Kali/UOS/StarOS/openEuler/Anolis OS Linux VPS or dedicated servers. It is written in Linux Shell and provides a way to avoid the time-consuming and complex process of manually compiling and installing these software packages. It is particularly useful for webmasters or Linux beginners who are not familiar with Linux.

What are its advantages and features?

The LNMP one-click installation package offers several advantages and features. It eliminates the need to manually input commands, it optimizes the compilation and installation process to improve performance, it resolves software dependency issues, and it automates the configuration optimization process. It also supports custom Nginx and PHP compilation parameters, website and database directory customization, and free SSL certificate generation using Let’s Encrypt, ZeroSSL, and BuyPass. Additionally, it offers unattended installation, supports multiple PHP versions in LNMP mode, and provides several useful auxiliary tools, such as virtual host management, FTP user management, upgrade of Nginx, MySQL/MariaDB, PHP, and one-click installation of common PHP modules like exif, fileinfo, ldap, bz2, sodium, imap, and swoole, installation of common caching components like Redis and Xcache, resetting MySQL root password, automatic restart upon 502 error, log rotation, SSH protection with DenyHosts/Fail2Ban, and backup scripts.

How to obtain it?

The LNMP one-click installation package is freely available for download and use on VPS or dedicated servers as a real or test production environment.

Why do we use the LNMP architecture?

The advantages of using Linux, PHP, and MySQL are well-known. Nginx is a lightweight and efficient web server software for Linux, which was developed by Igor Sysoev for the second-largest Russian website, Rambler.ru, and has been running on several large websites in Russia for many years. It is now widely used by many domestic and foreign portal and industry websites due to its stability, rich features, simple installation and configuration, and low system resource consumption.